Faster, safer, and more effective training with VR

How VR Can Replace Costly on the Job Learning

Training is crucial in the maintenance, manufacturing and petrochemical industries. From working with complex machinery to dangerous chemicals, safety and mastery are critical. In these environments learning safely, from experienced trainers, ensures employees are equipped to do the job safely and avoid injuries and incidents. 

eLearning and traditional classroom training in these environments are not sufficient enough to equip employees for the task ahead, often requiring them to learn on the job. The result is that in 2021, over 357,000 fatal & non workplace injuries occurred, costing businesses around $171 Bn. There is a better way…  

Safety First

Fully immersive environments help trainees familiarise themselves with their workplace and can replicate potential hazards they may encounter  within the safety of a training room.

Real-World Scenarios

Highly immersive and realistic training environments allow trainees to engage in the hands-on activities that they would do on a daily basis, ensuring that by the time they start work its like they have done it before

3-D Interactions

Controllers & hand tracking allow us to replicate real-world movements, gestures & interactions. Trainees can learn how to use the right tools & equipment, the right way and can practice as many times as needed.

Easy To Scale

No need to hire expensive trainers, or set up expensive training environments.  Due to its digital nature, the same training sim, given by a single expert, can be implemented anywhere in the world! All that is required is WiFi, VR headset(s) and at least 4 square meters of space.

Personalised Analytics

VR goes beyond what a traditional LMS or in-classroom training can offer. Training is focussed on the individual and can measure efficiency, accuracy of movements and confidence giving more nuanced feedback to the trainee, and highlighting the areas that need focus.

Improved Employee Retention

The experiential nature of VR training instills confidence & work satisfaction in the trainee that improves their productivity, performance and connection to the business.

Find Out How Other Companies Have Leveraged Vr Training to Improve Their Training & Safety

TransfrVR: Training with Purpose Using VR

TransfrVR needed help building an immersive and hands-on simulation that would provide people with skills required for jobs in the manufacturing and maintenance industry. For example, one of the first immersive experiences needed was for users to get to grips with maintaining a diesel semi-truck. Learning how to maintain a diesel semi-truck is a challenging feat.

And whilst learning how to do this by reading a manual or watching a video is a possibility, the only way to really learn is by doing. For the first time, VR offers users the opportunity to learn by doing but in a scalable and memorable way. A fully immersive environment was built using VR; this included a semi-diesel truck in a fully kitted-out workshop. The simulation also includes an expert trainer who guides the user, showing them what to do, what tools to use and in the correct manner.

The simulation mirrors the real world but allows users to practice the steps needed for maintaining the truck as often as they want, free from judgement or making costly and dangerous mistakes. The simulation is also fully integrated into a learner management system, allowing users to gain immediate feedback and track their progress and progress to mastery.

Immersive technology has the power to engage and delight your users.