How UPS uses VR to train their drivers at scale

Want to cut your training by half, increase staff retention by 52% and significantly reduce workplace accidents? Then VR might be the answer to your training needs.   

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UPS is a major player in the shipping and logistics industry, with a large fleet of drivers on the road every day. But with complex and hazardous driving situations on the rise, the organisation needed a way to ensure their drivers were equipped with the right skills to handle anything that came their way while out on the road. The question was how they could train numerous employees at scale and with the knowledge that what the drivers learnt would result in positive behaviour change. The answer lay in virtual reality training. 

VR Application Overview

“The Virtual Reality Driving Experience” is a VR training programme UPS implemented for their drivers. The programme simulated hazardous road situations – from adverse weather conditions to other distracted drivers. Whilst in the simulation, the UPS drivers reacted in the way they thought best whilst being guided on a learning journey that offered multiple chances to make mistakes and learn from them. The programme gave the drivers instant feedback, allowing them to adjust their behaviour in real-time and build their confidence levels to the point of mastery – all in a risk-free environment.  

ROI Measures

“The Virtual Reality Driving Experience” has been an enormous success for UPS. It has helped the organisation achieve a 38% reduction in collisions and cut their training time by half. In addition, the company reported a 75% reduction in fuel consumption and a 52% increase in driver retention due to their renewed sense of confidence and ability in their driving skills.  

By providing a safe and controlled environment for drivers to practice their skills, UPS is ensuring the safety and efficiency of their fleet on the road. 

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