Move the sales needle with vr training

Sales is the Lifeblood of Every Business

Like any soft skill, sales is about knowing your subject (your business/product/service) and practicing until you master it. Unfortunately this is often done on real customers, where mistakes can be costly. Practicing is challenging as new sales reps can only learn from more experienced ones through roleplaying scenarios or observing the masters at work and trying to replicate their behaviours. The problem is none of this is scalable, until now…

How Virtual Reality Does It

Learn By Doing

Sales is often a high stakes, high pressure job, learning at the expense of a lost deal is a costly lesson. VR provides a safe and risk-free environment for sales professionals to practice and build their confidence, manage their stress and ultimately perform better in actual sales interactions.

Tailored To Your Business

VR experiences can be customised to meet the individual needs of your business and its products. VR training can be tailored to the specific needs of your business, including skills levels, customer personas, or specific learning objectives.

Real Customer Scenarios

Highly immersive and realistic training environments allow salespeople to engage in simulated customer sales interactions. Sales reps can improve their communication skills, learn how to best position their product/service to different customer personas, practice timing and build up empathy.

Easy To Scale

No need to hire expensive sales trainers, or take your best sales reps away from selling to train up new people.  All you need is access to a VR headset.

Personalised Analytics

VR goes beyond what a traditional LMS or in-classroom training can offer. Training is focussed on the individual and can measure efficiency, accuracy of movements and confidence giving more nuanced feedback to the trainee, and highlighting the areas that need focus.

Practice Makes Perfect

VR platforms can alternate the level of difficulty for each training scenario based on the user’s progress. This allows sales reps to learn at their own speed and ensures that by the time they have completed the VR training they are confident in their new skills, can think on their feet and have mastery over the sales process to hit the ground running.

Find Out How Other Companies Have Leveraged Vr Training to Improve Their Sales Revenue

Nestlé Purina: Sales with Impact Using VR

The sales staff at Nestle Purina, the second largest pet food manufacturer in the world, are expected to stay on top of the latest manufacturing processes and trends and convey those messages and the organisation’s value proposition to retail customers. A big part of being able to do this means understanding what happens in the Purina factories.

Historically the organisation relied on factory tours and in-house training sessions to educate their teams – all of this required a significant amount of advance planning and ongoing financial input. It also resulted in days of lost productivity.

Nestle Purina turned to a VR solution that would address the stress of costs associated with travel and the headache of pre-planning – and would bring their training material to life.  

The simulation allowed the users to experience virtual factory tours, go through the manufacturing process one step at a time and engage in critical moments and interactions. The VR experience allowed sales teams to understand how Nestle Purina achieves quality and food-safety standards and better understand the company’s value proposition. The VR experience resulted the staff putting the course content into context and retaining more knowledge which helped them adjust the way they spoke to clients, improve their sales skills and increase sales.

Immersive technology has the power to engage and delight your users.