Work Active is a corporate wellness application that keeps employees moving. Coupled with a Power Plate device, this app helps to prevent negative health consequences that are associated with consistent sedentary behaviour.

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About WorkActive & our contribution

Work Active is a corporate wellness application that counteracts the negative consequences of sedentary behaviour in the workplace. The app couples gamification principles with the power plate device to make staying active at work enjoyable, engaging, and cooperative.

Sessions of up to three minutes on a vibrating power plate device helps to improve flexibility, circulation, balance, and cardiovascular health. Work Active promotes these benefits by making the device accessible and rewarding. In-app features include: individual scores, team scores, and a workplace leaderboard to create some friendly competition.

Work Active is built around 4 key engagement principles: Attraction, Engagement, Retention, and Success. Our goal is to help employees in corporate spaces to be excited about physical activity during the day, motivated to hit in-app targets, while tailoring workouts and challenges to individuals’ unique needs.

“Studies show that just 2-5 minutes of activity three times a day is enough to counteract the negative effects of sitting.”

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