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Move the sales needle with vr training
4 July 2023

Sales is the lifeblood of every business. Like any soft skill, sales is about knowing your subject and practicing until you master it. Unfortunately this is often done on...

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Faster, safer, and more effective training with VR
26 June 2023

How VR Can Replace Costly on the Job Learning Training is crucial in the maintenance, manufacturing and petrochemical industries. From working with complex machinery to dangerous chemicals, safety and mastery are...

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Leading with empathy: VR for leadership training
16 May 2023

VR simulations can present leaders with multiple challenging scenarios where problem-solving and making complex decisions are essential. From crisis management to executive planning scenarios, training in VR means leaders...

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“ Disruptive and innovative technology, new competitors, shifting employee needs, and fluctuating market dynamics means leaders need to upskill themselves to increase their confidence in...

Role play is out — Real play is in. VR in leadership development 

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VR is making marks in medical training
12 May 2023

Traditional textbook or lecture-based learning has been the order of the day for most medical students and clinicians. However, VR is emerging as a viable training tool that improves...

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How UPS uses VR to train their drivers at scale
12 May 2023

Want to cut your training by half, increase staff retention by 52% and significantly reduce workplace accidents? Then VR might be the answer to your training needs.    We’d love...

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Shell’s offshore adventures in VR: preventing, containing, and controlling emergency situations  
12 May 2023

The Challenge Royal Dutch Shell is one of the world's largest oil and gas companies, with operations spanning across the globe. Training thousands of employees for offshore oil rig...

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KFC’s Virtual Reality is anything but fowl
12 May 2023

Do you want to save money on staff training costs, increase knowledge retention and positively impact the experience customers have with your brand? KFC used VR to train their...

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Airbus takes off with virtual reality training 
11 May 2023

VR training is taking organisations to new heights!  With an increase in employee engagement (40%), reduction in error rates (90%) and a drop in workplace injuries (70%) VR is...

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Verizon improves employee engagement and customer satisfaction with VR training
10 May 2023

Verizon is a leading telecoms company. Early on, they focused on traditional training methods, which were doing little to prepare their customer service representatives for the reality of dealing...

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Walmart proves that VR is the ultimate empathy machine 
17 April 2023

Walmart is a retail giant that knows how to bring in sales on Black Friday. We’re talking about an average of 115 million shoppers descending on their stores, hungry...

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Don’t fall for the hype, VR isn’t going anywhere.
8 March 2023

In 2022, Meta lost a whopping 13.7 billion dollars on its virtual reality (VR) incubator company, Reality Labs. This staggering loss has led many to question the potential of...

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VR adds a new dimension to the soft skills training landscape
16 February 2023

You might be surprised to learn that the World Economic Forum’s ‘Jobs Reset Summit’ report found that traditionally ‘soft’ skills are most important in the workplace.  Critical thinking, problem-solving,...

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VR in the classroom: should more schools be open to it?
24 January 2023

In 1913, the father of electricity Thomas Edison, made a bold prediction about movies. He thought that the motion picture would revolutionise the education system. Edison predicted that "In...

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Apple’s headset may be the shake-up that the XR industry needs
13 January 2023

There is no questioning the impact that Meta has had on bringing Virtual Reality into the mainstream. In the AR space there has yet to be a mainstream product,...

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How VR Is Revolutionising Surgical Training
9 January 2023

When most of us go under the knife, we don’t really stop to think about how competent the surgeon is doing the surgery and how they have learnt and...

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Why VR is a powerful tool for soft skills training
18 November 2022

Dr Bianca Wright leads the immersive tech curriculum as an associate professor at Coventry University. Wright shared her thoughts with us about the future of virtual reality in a...

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The race for the XR enterprise headset is on
3 November 2022

Last year, we predicted that VR would shape the future of work, particularly true in the workplace training sector. This prediction has been vindicated by the immersive tech industry....

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Immersive tech, like virtual reality, has an image problem.
18 October 2022

Virtual reality has not taken the world by storm. Augmented reality and other immersive tech, are not mainstream preoccupations either.

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Could the Metaverse be the solution to the great remote working debate?
22 September 2022

It is no secret that the last few years have been weird. It is now a cliché to hear about how companies “pivoted” to a remote working model as...

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Gamification is everywhere. You just don’t notice it.
31 August 2022

Some might view see gamification as a cheap trick. An inserting of game-like elements into an otherwise mundane piece of software...

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Internships With A Difference
4 August 2022

When we think about internships, I like to imagine the movie The Internship — taking place in fun environments, playing quidditch and solving fun challenges with your peers. However...

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How VR can empower teachers
26 July 2022

When shiny new technology comes out, innovators come out with ways it can solve a range of problems. Virtual Reality (VR) is no exception...

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How VR training creates a competitive advantage
4 July 2022

Virtual reality is becoming an increasingly common and effective tool for training in more industries than you may think. The medical and science faculties at leading universities have implemented...

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Myths & mayhem: the facts and misconceptions about VR
8 June 2022

Mainstream perceptions about VR have become all too predictable. There are many myths about VR. People believe that VR is limited in its scope, incredibly expensive, and impractical for...

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Workplace training: Why VR is the answer
24 May 2022

VR is a solution to the current training deficit; in the form of ‘experiential learning’. In essence, it’s the process of learning by doing, rather than being lectured to.

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VR vs AR, where should businesses focus?
26 April 2022

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are playing an increasingly important role in everyday life. As these immersive technologies mature, and more mainstream applications for them are realised,...

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How VR education will change the classroom as we know it
10 March 2022

Mignon Reyneke is a highly decorated academic and researcher at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business (GSB). Reyneke shared her insights into the potential for VR...

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What does the future hold for VR? Theo Priestley weighs in.
24 February 2022

Internationally acclaimed tech guru, author, TEDx speaker and futurist, Theo Priestly, is no stranger to technology's role in businesses that want to survive and thrive. We caught up with...

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The future of virtual reality: an expert opinion
7 February 2022

The way that most people interact with VR technology is in the form of entertainment. For instance; the most famous applications are in the gaming sector. Beat Saber is...

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How gamification can improve in your company’s culture
5 January 2022

Designing and executing an effective, sustainable company culture takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. If done well can create an environment where people thrive. A strong company...

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How gamification has changed the driving range
1 October 2021

The early 1990s marked a significant shift in the world of ten-pin bowling. For the previous century, bowling had been a niche sport, that attracted some of the world’s...

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Top 3 skills that will be needed in the future of work
17 August 2021

Have you ever found yourself struggling with decision fatigue? How about feeling overwhelmed by increasingly sophisticated technology? Alternatively, you might’ve struggled with communicating with co-workers. People struggle with ‘soft...

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XR tech is changing the world of work, here’s how:
28 July 2021

Pop culture depictions of extended reality (XR) technology can be a little jarring sometimes. The first season of the internationally acclaimed series Black Mirror unpacks the horrifying

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How virtual reality is shaping the future of work
22 July 2021

With Facebook making a massive push towards virtual reality and the metaverse, the world of work is guaranteed to change. Forecasts from 2021 suggest that 25-30% of American professionals...

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Myths about virtual and augmented reality: Our top 3
15 July 2021

Last year the VR and AR industry saw unprecedented growth. PwC’s recent Seeing is believing report estimates that the number of jobs that were “enhanced” by this technology tripled

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Virtual reality training will change the way we learn
29 June 2021

Augmented and Virtual Reality can play an important role in business. If VR tech is developed at scale, it can change the conversation about workplace training and onboarding. Virtual...

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Augmented reality isn’t mainstream for 3 main reasons
15 June 2021

Augmented Reality (AR) Technology is nearing its 20th birthday. This is surprising. AR feels newer than that. The AR Wikipedia page refers to functional AR systems in military training...

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