Soft Skills In A Hard World

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Our latest industry report isn’t just about virtual reality. That’s a big statement, considering we’re a VR software development business. But bear with me. The foundation of the report, which is solid, is centred on learning by doing, with a laser focus and emphasis on soft skills and the role of VR as a training tool of choice. 

Like the 1969 Pink VW Beach Bomb is to a Hot Wheels car collection, soft skills are essential but rare. Our research highlights this statement, with 92% of respondents stating that soft skills are critical for their business, yet almost 100% still need help recruiting staff with the right soft skills to do their jobs. This poses a significant obstacle for companies who want to add to their bottom line, be seen as an employer of choice and constantly stay ahead of the competition.  

The increased adoption of learning-by-doing and the need to prepare teams for the future of work have resulted in new attitudes to leveraging new and immersive forms of technology that support our learning processes. Never has a technology been so perfectly poised to take on the learning challenge than VR. VR training delivers a truly immersive learning experience that recreates as close to real-life settings and scenarios and simulates workplace challenges in a stress, risk and judgment-free space.  

Impact of VR in Soft Skills Training 

Our industry report uncovers: 

  • Respondents’ perceptions of soft skills training in the workforce as a strategic advantage 
  • The most necessary yet challenging-to-teach soft skills for the future of work 
  • Their understanding of VR and its application as a tool for soft skills training 
  • The perceived barriers to using VR for soft skills training 

Backing this report are the insights and experiences of over one hundred respondents who provide their views on the trends, efficacy and use of soft skills in the workplace and their thoughts on VR as a soft skills training tool. You’ll also enjoy insights from key decision-makers and experts in learning and development, and technological innovation. These interviews added rich detail to the conversation and formed the basis for some of our case studies. 

From empathy, critical thinking, creative thinking and resilience, soft skills are beginning to be seen as the predictors of how fast a business will grow when times are good and how quickly it will recover when times are bad. Our latest industry report gives you the knowledge you need to use VR as a powerful learning tool that transforms the soft skills landscape in your business.  

We can’t wait to share all of this with you!  

Immersive technology has the power to engage and delight your users.