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We partner with amazing organisations to build bespoke VR & AR solutions, immersive apps, and gamification

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You shouldn’t be wasting your time, money and effort on old technologies that don’t captivate your clients and employees.

We build immersive tech solutions that engage and delight all users through:

  • Virtual training that outperforms current traditional approaches
  • Improving your employees work satisfaction through interactive and immersive applications
  • Using virtual reality to help your customers see projects and products before they get built
  • Building unique customer experiences that help your business grow

Your Solution Blueprint

Our dedicated team works with you to determine your specific business needs

Together, we’ll identify the areas where immersive technology will enhance your business

We develop your unique action plan that our team will execute for you

4 Proven ways VR makes your business more effective

Well trained and confident employees boost morale, productivity, safety and value. Yet 70% of employees don’t have mastery of the skills needed to do their jobs!

VR is a proven way of addressing some of the critical obstacles to building highly skilled, confident and effective employees at scale, all without dramatically high costs.

Here are our 4 key benefits of using VR. Your competitors have adopted them already, shouldn’t you?

“We have been partners with Sozo Labs for 4 years now. I don’t see Sozo as an external business anymore, I see them as part of our team.”

- Nick Longley of

“SOZO Labs has exceeded our expectations & demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our training material that has revolutionised our approach to developing our students for the world of work. They are an indispensable partner in our quest to revolutionise training in the salon and spa industry through VR technology.”

- Isabel Roos of

“Sozo Labs is a master at creativity, channelling expertise to fashion true chef-d’oeuvre. A real pleasure to work with this dream team! ”

- Aimee Lentz of

“I had a great experience working with Sozo Labs. They exceeded our expectations with the final deliverables. If you’re in need of any assistance in the VR space, Sozo Labs are the team you need to partner with.”

- Mark Drummond of

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